GlassFix USA is the premier solution for the restoration of scratched damaged glass. We Guarantee all of our work with the Only Replacement Guarantee in the Industry. If we can't repair it, we will buy it. Don't let just anyone "experiment" on your expensive glass, Call us Instead.

The following pictures and testimonial represent a Severe Welding Slag Damage job we did for one of our clients. They had slag damage from cutting off rebar near the glass. We were able to save them well over a million dollars in replacement cost. Our revolutionary proprietary ABR Disc ™ technology allows us to remove even the most severe damage. 


"In the spring of 2015 renovations to the Building were underway.  The exterior of the building had been extensively repaired and approximately 675 new windows had been installed.  During completion of interior demolition, welding slag had been sprayed onto the new window units, resulting in pitting and discoloration of the glass.  The extent of the damage was widespread but the severity of pitting varied from location to location.  Replacement of the damaged units in the 7 story building would have cost in excess of 1 million dollars, and would have severely delayed completion of the project.

As we researched other options, we were contacted by GlassFix.  GlassFix proposed to provide an on-site  demonstration of their grinding and polishing repair technique for review by the owners.  No one on the construction and design team had ever heard of a grinding and polishing solution for damaged glass, and we were quite skeptical.  The outcome was remarkable.  They were able to grind and polish a badly pitted window unit to the point where the original damage was undetectable, and there was no distortion.

The owner selected 100 of the most badly damaged units for repair.  The final cost was a fraction of the cost of replacement and the entire process took only about 8 weeks.  As a result we were able to maintain our construction schedule.

I would recommend GlassFix to anyone with scratched or damaged glass in need of repair". R. Ross, Lincoln Construction.


“After years of product development and countless hours, we have finally designed a system and methods that allows us to repair scratched damaged glass with flawless results. We have truly eliminated any logical reason that says scratched glass must be replaced.”

Scott Webster

Founder & C.E.O.