" I found Glassfix before they joined Angie's List, and am writing a review here because the result was so outstanding I believe they deserve recognition. Scale in the water system is an issue in L.A., and our area in Hollywood is among the worst.  I had a layer of it etched into my clear glass shower panels, and nothing commercial would remove it.  After a long internet search I called Scott at Glassfix.  He showed up with his partner and buzzed the glass for over 3 hours with polishing tools and some high-tech paste.  They were very fussy about the work and careful not to damage anything.  It was like having engineers from NASA clean your shower.
After all the surgery, the glass was basically restored to new condition.  Or it certainly looked new.  No scale, no scratches.  Having tried all the standard remedies with no luck, this was nothing short of amazing.  Now, maybe it's a last resort and it's not cheap, but as far as I'm concerned it is cheaper than replacing the glass or burning your lungs with the available acid treatments for scale."

- D. Groya/Hollywood Ca.

"In the spring of 2015 renovations to the Building were underway.  The exterior of the building had been extensively repaired and approximately 675 new windows had been installed.  During completion of interior demolition, welding slag had been sprayed onto the new window units, resulting in pitting and discoloration of the glass.  The extent of the damage was widespread but the severity of pitting varied from location to location.  Replacement of the damaged units in the 7 story building would have cost in excess of 1 million dollars, and would have severely delayed completion of the project.

As we researched other options, we were contacted by GlassFix.  GlassFix proposed to provide an on-site  demonstration of their grinding and polishing repair technique for review by the owners.  No one on the construction and design team had ever heard of a grinding and polishing solution for damaged glass, and we were quite skeptical.  The outcome was remarkable.  They were able to grind and polish a badly pitted window unit to the point where the original damage was undetectable, and there was no distortion.

The owner selected 100 of the most badly damaged units for repair.  The final cost was a fraction of the cost of replacement and the entire process took only about 8 weeks.  As a result we were able to maintain our construction schedule.

I would recommend GlassFix to anyone with scratched or damaged glass in need of repair"

- R. Ross/Lincoln Construction

“We were introduced to Scott with GlassFix at a car show. They came highly recommended and we were told that they were able to repair scratch damage to auto glass. We restore some of the most exotic vintage cars in the World, and our clients expect us to restore all, or as much as possible, everything with original items. The glass especially needs to remain original. Needless to say, I was very skeptical, but after watching Scott repair an extremely curved piece of glass for a Ferrari 410 SuperAmerica, I was sold! I’m not sure exactly what he used to grind and polish the glass, but the results were nothing short of amazing.”

- Paul R.